The 5 Best Heating Pads For Back And Cramps of 2020 Buyer's Guide

You know that tight, sore feeling you get in your neck and shoulders after a workout or when you’re stressed? If you do, you’ll be more than relieved to know there’s a simple solution to this problem – the best heating pad for back and cramps.

Warm baths and other kinds of heat therapy have long been associated with comfort and relaxation, but a head pad goes a step further by relieving back and shoulder pain. It helps boost circulation which allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles to reduce inflammation and improve back stiffness. Aside from its health benefits, a heating pad is also ideal because it’s convenient and portable. And since they can easily be connected to any electric outlet, you can use them anywhere and anytime you want.

To get you a step closer to soothing pain relief, we’ve taken a look at the market and handpicked the top 5 best heating pads for back and cramps:

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best Heating Pads For Back And Cramps reviews

Best overall: MIGHTY BLISS Large Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

best Heating Pads For Back And Cramps reviewsEverything about the MIGHTY BLISS Large Electric Heating Pad is extra – extra large, extra portable, and extra convenient. In just a few minutes, this heating pad exerts pressure on the aching part of your body while the heat emitted penetrates deep into the muscles to loosen them and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. It’s also a good investment if you haven’t exercised in a while and suffer from stiff muscles. The heat from this pad forces them to relax and relieves tension and stiffness.

What we love most about this heating pads for back and cramps?

is its extra large surface area of that adds to its versatility. Measuring 24 inches across, it’s large enough so can drape it over your shoulders to relieve back pain or wrap it around your legs and arms to soothe stiff joints. For women, this versatile pad can also be placed near the stomach as a natural way to reduce pain associated with dysmenorrhea.

What makes this heating pads for back and cramps worth the money?

is its super fast heating ability – promising to heat up in just a few seconds after turning it on. Too hot for your liking? Don’t worry. You can easily customize it to your personal preference by using its manual settings that allow you to choose between three levels of heat therapy. It also has the option to be used moist or dry, depending on the area you want it to target.

This heating pad balances out its high heat output by equipping the surface of the pad with soft microplush fibers that are incredibly soft on skin. To give you an idea just how comfortable the material is – it’s the same fabric used to make winter pajamas that are designed to keep you cozy. It’s one of the best bang-for-buck deals on the market today because it comes complete with a lifetime warranty as well as a hassle-free replacement policy.

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  • Manual heat settings with three different heat levels
  • 24-inch extra large pad
  • Soft microplush fibers
  • Fast heating capacity
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Lifetime warranty and replacement policy


  • Material is soft and cozy on skin
  • Large enough to wrap around shoulders and legs
  • Fast heating power
  • Easy to use

Our Rating


  • Only comes in one size
  • There’s a slight chance of accidentally changing the heat level because the buttons are positioned too close together

Best safety features: Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain and Cramps

best Heating Pads For Back And Cramps reviewsWhether you’re lying in bed or sitting on the couch, the Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Electric Heating Pad is your go-to solution for soothing relief at the end of a stressful day. With just a minimum use of 20 minutes daily, this heating pad promises to increase blood flow and reduce pain and muscle spasms. Because of its extra large size, it offers excellent coverage for some of the major muscle groups, including the back, legs, and arms for full body relief.

At the top of its many innovative features is its modern digital grip-friendly LED controller with a backlit display. It allows you to adjust the heat to your comfort level and comes with six therapeutic temperature modes to choose from. This heating pad is certified as one of the safest products on the market. Its main security feature is an auto shut-off function that prevents the pad from overheating and ensures that the temperature remains stable while in use.

Professionally built with microplush fibers, this heating pad offers added comfort by offering a cozy wrap around your target areas, but without being too hot to be sweat-inducing. The cover is also machine washable and easy to clean after use.

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  • Digital LED controller
  • Six different temperature settings
  • Microplush fiber material
  • 2-hour auto shut-off feature
  • Moist heat therapy option


  • The cord is long and allows more movement
  • Lots of safety features
  • Comes with a free storage bag
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable

Our Rating


  • Buttons tend to get stuck after continuous use

How to use Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Electric Heating Pads For Back And Cramps

Best for Fast heating : Sunbeam 002013-511-000 XpressHeat Heating Pad

best Heating Pads For Back And Cramps reviewsLooking for a heating pad that’s big enough to treat your entire back at once? Then you should consider the Sunbeam 002013-511-000 XpressHeat Heating Pad. It measures approximately 24 inches across – wide enough to cover larger areas that need relief like the spine and legs. One of its best features is its long 9-foot cord that allows a wide range of movement – so you can use this heating pad anywhere around the house.

What makes thisheating pads for back and cramps unique?

is its patented technology that allows it to heat up in just 30 seconds – that’s three times faster than other standard heating pads in the market today. Designed to cater to every person’s preference, it comes with six different heat settings to deliver the exact amount of heat you need.

We love the unique heat meter found in the digital controller. It lights up as the pad starts to heat up, and gets brighter as it gets hotter. It’s a great way to keep track of the heat and helps maintain stable warmth while using. As an added safety feature, this heating pad comes with an auto shut-off function that not only lessens the risk of overheating, but also helps conserve a lot of energy – so you can get full body relief without burning through your electric bill.

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  • 30-second fast heating patented technology
  • 24-inch extra large heating pad
  • Digital LED controller
  • Six different heat settings
  • Auto shut-off function


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes in a variety of attractive colors like burgundy and olive green
  • Fast heating function
  • Fabric is machine washable

Our Rating


  • Maximum heat level may be too hot for some users

Best for SoftTouch: Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief

best Heating Pads For Back And Cramps reviewsHere’s the hard truth – it only takes one use for you to love the Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief. It comes in a king-size pad big enough to cover the larger muscle areas like the spine, legs, and shoulders. For added cushioning, it’s fully equipped with SoftTouch Fabric. This is Sunbeam’s trademark fabric that is super soft on the skin and hugs the muscles in the just the right areas to give just the right amount of warmth.

During winter, our muscles tend to stiffen from the cold weather, resulting in painful spasms that don’t always go away on its own. To solve this problem, this heating pad utilizes ThermoFine technology – a modern heat therapy system that maintains consistent heat while using to keep you warm and cozy all year long. You can navigate through four varied heat settings with just the push of a button in the LED controller

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  • ThermoFine Technology for consistent heat
  • SoftTouch Fabric
  • Four heat settings
  • 2-hour auto shut-off feature
  • 9-foot power cord
  • 24 inch king size pad
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Vinyl construction is sturdy and durable
  • Great for keeping muscles warm during cold weather
  • Thick and cozy fabric
  • Consistent heat settings
  • Controller is easy to use

Our Rating


  • Some units have failed permanently
  • Cord sometimes gets in the way

Best Budget:
Cure Choice Large Electric Heating Pads for Back Pain Relief and cramps

best Heating Pads For Back And Cramps reviewsWith a lightweight build and affordable price tag, it’s easy to see why the Cure Choice Large Electric Heating Pad has lots of positive reviews across the board. When it comes to comfort, this heating pad offers one of the best because of its microplush fabric that both your back and skin will love. It forms a soft cover over the product to give it a more cushion-like feel.

This pad offers a modern heating mechanism that’s so versatile; it even features both dry and moist heat settings. Dry heat is more suitable for relaxing muscles, while moist heat is effective for providing relief from pain. The LED controller features a one-button design that’s extremely easy to use.

This heating pad makes an excellent travel buddy for those out-of-town trips or when camping. The material is pliable enough to fold into a compact size and it even comes with a free storage pouch that makes transport almost effortless.

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  • Premium quality microplush fabric
  • 24-inch heating surface
  • Three different heat settings
  • One-button LED controller
  • Auto shut-off technology


  • Comes with free dust-proof storage bag
  • Choice between dry and moist heat therapy
  • Fabric is soft on skin
  • Easy to transport and carry around
  • Flexible design

Our Rating


  • Takes a longer time to heat up
  • Maximum heat level might lack intensity for some users

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Sunbeam heating pads for back and cramps Adjustable Heated Therapy

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