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The choice of a pair of the best tennis shoes for women comes down to quite a few factors. Read our article below to find the best tennis shoes for women available in the market as well as a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

As a female sports enthusiast, playing tennis can be appealing as well as an enjoyable activity. You can indulge in the sport quite actively since a lot of the sports equipment is readily available for women and specially designed with female requirements in mind.

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Ultra


This patented Air Zoom Ultra technology makes this pair of shoes a perfect choice for women tennis players. It is attractive in terms of design too.

Performance & Quality:

Everything in the shoe starting from tongue and collar down to the midsole is made of high-quality gum rubber to provide utter comfort. The extended tongue gives you added cushioning while playing a longer game.

Product Features:

 Gum rubber sole with TPU mesh for stability and comfort

 Heel cushioning with Phylon midsole

 Lightly padded collar and tongue

Why We Like It:

The superb padding and high-quality midsole material give you extreme comfort. It’s lightweight and fashionable to ensure the best performance and looks.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Yui 2


The versatile pair of tennis shoes are good for other activities like jogging and exercising too. It has imported fabric in the mesh which makes it suitable for concrete as well as grass terrains.

Performance & Quality:

With extreme breathability and ultra-light-weight designs, the shoes will feel like you are wearing nothing on your feet while playing. The patented MonoSockFit technology makes it very stretch for flexibility and comfort.

Product Features:

 Fully imported synthetic fabric

 High-grade rubber sole

 Slightly more expensive

Why We Like It:

The soft mesh makes it extremely lightweight meaning good agility in your game. It has gel cushioning in the rearfoot for a good shaft.


Under Armour Remix Running Shoes


As a top choice for female tennis players, these shoes boast a fashionable design with stretchy fabric. It’s perfect for light running and exercising at the gym too.

Performance & Quality:

The design and build are impeccable to make you feel super pumped for a productive game. It has a rubber sole for good grip and traction.

Product Features:

 The upper fabric has a knit mesh       for heavy overlay

 Perforated tongue and secure lace    fitting

 Toecap is molded to ensure     durability

Why We Like It:

You can use these shoes for running while playing due to their good breathability features. It’s also super affordable and a good fit for all sizes.


Adidas Women's Adizero Club 2 Tennis Shoe


The fashionable tennis shoes from Adidas are designed for extreme durability. It is ideal for any sport like tennis, volleyball or basketball that needs lateral movement.

Performance & Quality:

Featuring high-quality rubber in the soles and pure synthetic TPU mesh fabric are imported. They ensure  good traction while patented ClimaCool features ensure enough air circulation.

Product Features:

 EVA Sock liner with A diprene   technology

  360-degree cooling with   ClimaCool features

 Resistant to unwanted abrasion   and foot drag

Why We Like It:

Made by the trusty manufacturers from Adidas, these shoes promise quality and durability no matter what. It keeps your feet cool and dry even in longer games.


K-Swiss Bigshot Light 2.5 Tennis Shoe


This pair of shoes combine the best of breathability, comfort, and durability. The leather materials make it a bit heavy, but the five-stripe perforated branding keeps your feet cool.

Performance & Quality:

With padded cushioning on the midsole, these shoes give you stability and comfort. The outsole is made of 7.0 Aosta rubber to give good grip and traction as well as extreme heavy-duty performance.

Product Features:

Padded collar and tongue with FlowCool technology for breathability

Y-beam structure for mid-foot support

Resistant to toe dragging with DragGuard features

Why We Like It:

If you are the type to prefer heavy-duty performance over fashionable looks, you’ll find that these shoes match all your demands. The 180-piece chassis makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

Buying Guide

A good pair of women’s tennis shoes takes the sole cushioning factor more seriously rather than the type of court it is being used in. Other than that, it should be less draggy compared to its male counterpart. Some other factors to look out for are as follows.

The Sole & Midsole

A good quality rubber sole gives you comfort and traction. It needs to give you a good grip while being lightweight at the same time. The midsole should be more focused on the balance between flexibility and shock absorption. If the midsole is too hard, it will make your feet sore, but a softer midsole will leave you vulnerable to accidents.

The Shoe Pattern

A tread pattern of herringbone structure helps separate clay on the court and gives better traction when compared to the zig-zag pattern. It also helps the player prevent any slip and fall injuries while playing.

The Knit

A tight knit is naturally good. Look out for premium finished knitting for long-lasting durability in tennis shoes.

The Material

Softer materials like fabric or mesh are good when playing on concrete. It’s good for breathability. Leather provides more traction. Grass courts support synthetic shoes with rubber soles the best.

Bottom Line

The best tennis shoes for women are easy to come by if you just stick to our list. We have made a suitable balance between budget and features so that you can make a wise decision. Here’s to wishing you an enjoyable game of tennis!

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